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Things to do in Phuket - Phuket Pro Dive

the beautiful view of the Phuket beaches A bridge to Southern Thailand on the Andaman Sea coast connects Phuket Island.
Surrounded by 32 smaller islands that form part of Phuket province. Its size is about 570 square kilometers (widest point 21.3km, longest 48.7km) and about 70% is mountains. The highest point of the island is 529m.

You may fly from your home country to Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, or to neighboring countries such as Malaysia or Singapore. A connecting flight to Phuket takes about 1 hour from Bangkok or about 2 hours from Singapore. If you prefer to come by road, there are several different types of buses available and traveling time varies between 14 hours via VIP express bus or up to 20 hours via local buses.

map of Phuket Thailand Population
Phuket has a population of 200,000. The main centers of population are on opposite sides of the island. Phuket Town, with a population of about 63,000, is located on the East Side and Patong Beach, whose population varies widely depending on the time of year, is located on the West Side.

Thai is the official language with a southern accent, of course, but English is widely spoken in Phuket.

Tin mining used be the majority of income, however agriculture, such as rubber, coconuts, cashews and pineapples remains important to large number of people. Since 1980's, the tourism industry has become the number one income in Phuket province. Phuket Province residents enjoy the highest standard of living in Thailand.

Phuket has a moist, tropical climate, influenced chiefly by monsoon winds that vary in direction according to the season. From March to September, as the sun's rays strike directly above the equator, the landmass of Asia is heated more than is the Indian Ocean. This draws moist hot air from the ocean over Phuket and southern Thailand, bringing the rains of the southwest monsoon. By mid-April the winds are mainly from the southwest and are heavy with moisture. From the middle of December until the beginning of May we enter the high season for diving in Phuket. Gentle winds and temperature during this time and no rains produce ideal diving conditions.

local transport: tuk-tukTransportation
Transportation is available from Phuket International airport to the major hotels and districts. (Or we can arrange your airport transfer in advance.) While you are in Phuket, if you like to drive around by yourself, we have rental cars and motorcycles. We can arrange chauffeur driven minivans with onboard television so you can download or playback your cameras from one activity to the next. If you prefer other means of transportation, the local version of a small open taxi is called a Tuk-Tuk and motorcycle taxis are also available. You just need to negotiate the price before you ride. The local bus is called a Songthaew. They run every 30 minutes to 1 hour between Phuket town to the main beaches.

Thai DishFood
Thai food is a true international cuisine and enjoyed by a multitude of millions around the world. Thai food in Phuket, and throughout southern Thailand, is heavily influenced by the bountiful harvest of fresh seafood from the Andaman Sea. Seafood served southern style is unique, likely to be barbecued, and employs numerous herbs and spices, garlic, lemon grass, chilies, mint, cumin, basil, coriander, and shrimp paste.


Tap water is not safe for drinking. Drink only bottled water or from a flask supplied by the hotel. Water provided in restaurants is safe for drinking, but avoid all shaved or crushed ice particularly from roadside fruit venders.

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Day Out with Richard & Megumi

Day Out with Richard & Megumi

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